improve employee retention

We constantly measure what is happening in your company: What employees think, feel, and how they behave. We are looking for a room for improvement and designing sensitive interventions that drive a better employee experience, leading to greater employee satisfaction and productivity. In addition, we prevent unnecessary losses of crucial employees.


We use the latest research methods based on psychological and user research. Thanks to a strong team of psychological experts, we find out not only what employees say but also what their underlying motives are.


We don't enjoy technical terms too much. We try to convey information about the state of employee experience in your company clearly and understandably, so it's obvious what the problem is and how to solve it.


Based on the research results, we compile a list of recommended interventions that have the most significant potential to improve the employee experience and thus employee productivity and customer satisfaction each month.


does it work?

Our service will help you identify employee problems while still easy to solve. How? We regularly conduct interviews with employee groups and individuals. We use research procedures to find out what makes employees feel fulfilled at work, and we try to build on that. Each month, we compile a report that maps the current state of the employee experience at your company. We work online and benefit from the fact that employees are far more willing to confide in outside, unbiased experts than they are in representatives of the same company. Read more about us on our EMPLORES website.

Price list


small businesses and start-ups


689 €


small and medium enterprises


1090 €


medium enterprises


1595 €

you can easily cancel your subscription at any time

Packages are priced according to company size and vary in the number of hours we spend each month researching the employee experience at your company. Don’t hesitate to contact us if you are interested in a tailored plan.


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